Trillion Game (2023) Episode 9 English Subbed

Trillion Game (2023)

Tennoji Haru is an excellent communicator. He is loved by all people regardless of age or gender. He appears like an easygoing person, but he is actually ambitious and will do anything for success. Haru is offered a job with the nation's largest IT company "Dragon Bank", but he turns down the offer. Instead, he decides to start his own business with his friend Taira Manabu. His goal is to earn 1 trillion dollars.

Meanwhile, Taira is an excellent engineer with remarkable IT knowledge. Personality-wise, he is quite the opposite of Haru. He's passive and has a hard time communicating with people. Due to that, he failed his job interview with "Dragon Bank" and set a new goal of earning 1 trillion dollars with Haru.

Adapted from the manga series "Trillion Game" (トリリオンゲーム) written by Inagaki Riichiro (稲垣理一郎) and illustrated by Ikegami Ryoichi (池上遼一).

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