Teresa Teng (2024) Episode 22 English Subbed

Teresa Teng (2024)

The story begins with the unexpected situation of the concert in Shanghai in 2008. Lying on a stretcher, the third brother, Deng Chang Fu, recalled that on the morning of the early winter of 1953, the fourth child of the Deng family, "the girl", was born in the village of Taiwan's family. The girl's talent in singing appeared when she was young, but her father, Deng Shu, firmly opposed it. Deng Shu retired from the army and began his career as a market stall.

The girl was puzzled by the depression and homesickness in her father's heart, but she became a little helper for her father to sell steamed buns. After graduating from primary school, the girl was not admitted to junior high school. However, winning the singing competition through the radio has become a regular shift for singing programmes. Deng Shu clashed with hooligans at the market stall, was beaten and injured, and went into a lawsuit.

Late at night, the couple felt that all this was due to the lack of a fixed store. The girl listened in her ear, loved her parents, became a signed singer, paid in advance, and used the money to top the store for her father. Deng Shu was moved when he knew. The girl finally made it to the stage and got countless good reviews.

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Episodes: 48

Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Duration: 45 min.

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