Someday or One Day: The Movie (2022) Episode 1 English Subbed

Someday or One Day: The Movie (2022)
In 2009, 28 year old Li Zi Wei and 17 year old Huang Yu Xuan met each other. Two innocent and unaffected lives that could each feel marks like ones of their past and present lives. However, they could not find sufficient proof to fill up the emptiness at the bottom of their hearts. An accident let them fall into another mobius loop that had already happened countless times. Only then did they realize that in different time and space, they once had a deep, true love that had passed through countless timelines to search for each other with no regrets. But in that story, their deepest love came at the highest price. If they could start again, would they choose to meet by chance in an ordinary life, or be scarred with the memories etched in their heart and bones? Or perhaps they can choose to hurt and love all over again, betting on a different ending?

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