Parallel World (2023) Episode 26 English Subbed

Parallel World (2023)

A beautiful melon seller, Ye Liu Xi, and a shadow puppet performer, Chang Dong, join forces to venture deep into the desert. One seeks to unravel the mystery of her origins, while the other aims to retrieve the remains of his girlfriend and 17 others who perished under mysterious circumstances.

As they encounter numerous anomalies in the uninhabited area, they are led to the weathered and supernatural Yumen Pass. They navigate between the Imperial Guards, Taoist Priests, and the Scorpion-Eyed creatures, unraveling the truth amidst various enigmas, and gaining insights into true love through numerous life-and-death experiences. The answers seem within reach, but they find themselves ensnared in an even larger conspiracy. Will the truth and their love prevail?

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Adapted from the novel "Xi Exiting Yumen" (西出玉门) by Wei Yu (尾鱼).

Episodes: 38

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