Oshi ga Joshi ni Narimashite (2023) Episode 8 English Subbed

Oshi ga Joshi ni Narimashite (2023)

Nakajo Hitomi works as an OL and she is huge fan of stage actor Kiryu Toma. Her big joy in life is to watch him perform in stage plays, but she has been recently feeling down because of Toma’s sudden retirement from acting. One day, she meets her new boss Takagi Shuichi. Surprisingly, her new boss is the retired stage actor Kiryu Toma, but using his birth name. After his retirement, he began to work at the company in which his father runs and where Hitomi works. He becomes popular with the female employees at the company and he behaves sweetly to all of them. Hitomi wants to talk to him like the other female employees, but, when she gets the chance, she panics and gives him a cold reaction. Shuichi becomes interested in Hitomi, who seems different from the other female employees.

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Adapted from the web manga "Oshi ga Joshi ni Narimashite" (推しが上司になりまして) written by Azuma Yuki (東ゆき) and illustrated by Morinaga Ito (森永いと).

Episodes: 12

Duration: 30 min.

Aired On: Thursday

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