Love Is Panacea (2023) Episode 34 English Subbed

Love Is Panacea (2023)

Born into a medical family, Gu Yun Zheng is a medical genius and the youngest neurosurgeon in the country. Handsome and dignified, he is known as the most attractive doctor in the hospital and was the dream man during college.

His ultimate goal is to be awarded the "Wang Zhongcheng award for Young Neurosurgeon of the Year". Dr. Gu meets the love of his life, Su Wei An, a fifth-year MBBS dropout while working on the African frontline. She carries the gene for a rare Huntington's disease.

In a battle against death, Gu Yun Zheng will race against fate and time to try and save her from this incurable disease.

(Source: OldieDevz18)

Adapted from the web novel "Zhi Yu Zhe" (治愈者) by Ning Meng Xi Yan (柠檬羽嫣).

Episodes: 38

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