Kokichi no Nyoubou 2 (2022) Episode 2 English Subbed

Kokichi no Nyoubou 2 (2022)

The Tenpo period near the end of the Edo period. Katsuie's wife, Onobu, struggles to make ends meet, but never ceases to smile innocently. Her husband is Katsu Kokichi. His arms are very strong and she can't say she doesn't like it when asked. Her son, Rintaro, is clever, intelligent, aspiring to study Dutch studies, and eventually saves the people of Edo as "Katsu Kaishu."

The era is the reform of Tenpo. In addition to the noisy world, every time Kokichi brings in trouble, he is confident. Furthermore, Rintaro falls in love with Fukagawa geisha! Katsuya continues to make a fuss.

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