Century of Love (2024) Episode 1 English Subbed

Century of Love (2024)

San is faithfully devoted to his love. He has spent his life waiting for his lost beloved, Wat, to reincarnate from her death a century ago. But when the darkness of the night looms, he will be forcibly afflicted by the power of the five shades stone. If he fails to find Wat within this century's time window, he will inevitably succumb to a tragic death for eternity.

The final year of the century is about to end before the stone's power turns into his eternal curse. He meets Vee, a frivolous, charming adonis who seems connected to his life.

San is appalled by Vee at first sight, but this unrelated boy is actually his beloved Wat, whom he has been anticipating for almost a century.


Tags: Gay Romance, Fated Love, LGBTQ+, Fate, Friendship (Vote or add tags)

Episodes: 10

Country: Thailand

Airs On: Wednesday, Thursday

Aired: Jul 10, 2024 - ?

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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